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Twilight Switch

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Shed off your responsibility of switching the lights on and off by installing our unique electronic twilight switch. The switching on and off of external lightings can be set on a desired level with our twilight switch. This product focuses on the maximum energy conservation as it is one of the alarming situations of the present scenario. Its sensitivity can be set to trigger in intensity of less than 0.5 lux. Highly durable and highly efficient are the terms that best describe this product of ours. Today, we are considered to be one of the major automatic twilight switch suppliers in India.

Function : External lightings can be turned on and off, based on the ambient light levels which can be set to the desired switch on point.

Advantage : Since the lightings are turned on and off when it is required, electricity is saved to about 15 %. No attendant is needed to perform this function. Install and Forget.

  • Sensitivity : Can be set to trigger below 0.5 Lux of light intensity
  • Supply operation : 230 Volts AC
  • Contact rating : 5 Amps at 230 Volts dry contacts(for higher ratings a contactor could be operated with this unit)


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Twilight Switch

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